Maestro Tradex LLC is one of the largest distributors of premium brand Semi-Trailer Truck Tires in America.
All the tires sold after 1st January 2022 from the Maestro Tradex LLC online and offline platforms are eligible for the Limited Manufacturer’s warranty.


This warranty is limited to the respective usable original tread depth, calculated as the original tread depth minus the Tread Wear Indicator (TWI) depth. Which is the original tread depth reduced by the Tread Wearing Index (TWI) depth. Customer warranty starts from the date of issuing of commercial invoice .
This limited warranty is applicable only in the United States and any tire used or equipped on a vehicle registered or operated outside U.S & Canada is not covered by this warranty.


This warranty is extended only to the first retail purchaser of the tire in the United States with the original purchase receipt or invoice, If an eligible tire sold by Maestro becomes unserviceable due to issues with workmanship or material anomalies during its warranty period, which is within the first 12 months from date of purchase (purchase receipt required).


Under the New Tire Warranty, if a tire has not been properly operated and maintained and is brought to a Maestro Tradex LLC offline store or an authorised dealer shop for a limited manufacturers warranty claim during the warranty period , then Maestro Tradex LLC or its authorized dealer will, without charges share the details of the tire with the service team of the respective manufacturer for the final disposition on the behalf of the customer and will settle the claim as per the claim reward received from the manufacturer.


Every Aeolus, Pirelli, Hubtrack, and Roadx tire imported and distributed by Maestro Tradex LLC is covered under this warranty. Nevertheless the respective tire manufacturers decision are deemed final and considerations regarding warranty coverage of products and is totally under Manufacturers sole discretion .


*Note: This Limited Warranty does not cover any related equipment or service charges, including costs associated with mounting or balancing the tire, rim/wheel alignment or tuning , Maestro Tradex LLC is not responsible for any transactions between the distributor and dealer or consumer in relation to this limited warranty.

Conditions that are not covered under Limited Warranty Claims are :

  • Tires transferred from the Vehicle and/or wheels/rims on which they were originally supposed to be installed.
  • Tires which are misapplied due to improper fitment, Irregular wear.
  • Tires damaged from improper mounting/dismounting practices, abuse, misuse, or neglect cuts.
  • Tire services costs like mounting, dismounting, wheel alignment ,balancing etc
  • Tires improperly repaired.
  • Tires which have been modified by the addition or removal of material or any tire intentionally altered to change its appearance or performance.
  • Tires removed in multiples when only one tire can be claimed, or is suspect of a claim.
  • Tires which become unserviceable because of tire operation in excess of tire/wheel/rim/Vehicle manufacturers specifications & recommendations.
  • Tires which become unserviceable because of a mechanical irregularity in the Vehicle such as misalignment or defective or improper brakes, shock absorbers, shocks or rims/wheels.
  • Tires damaged by fire, chemical corrosion, vandalism, wrecks, theft, run while flat, underinflated, overinflated or abused during service or servicing.
  • Tires affected by damage due to improper transport or storage.
  • Tires which become unserviceable because of road hazard injuries (e.g., nails, glass, metal objects) or other penetrations or snags, bruises or impact damage.
  • Tires that are 100% worn or with casing ply visible regardless of age or mileage.
  • Tires which develop surface cracks due to use in low ambient temperatures.

How to Make a Claim under This Limited Warranty

  • To receive consideration for warranty coverage, the tire(s) must be returned to the respective Maestro Tradex LLC authorized Dealer offline store or to Maestro Tradex LLC Offline store along with the valid purchase invoice.
  • If the authorized Maestro Tradex LLC dealer of its Service Staff believes that the Tire/Tire(s) may be covered by this Limited Warranty, it will submit the tire to the respective Tire Manufacturer with all the required necessary documentation including proof of purchase.
  • Authorized tire inspection personnel of the respected Tire Manufacturer will then make a determination regarding qualification for coverage under this Limited Warranty.
  • If the Tire gets adjusted by the manufacturer then Maestro Tradex LLC of its authorized dealer will settle the claim with the customer and the submitted tire becomes the property of the respective manufacturer (necessary State/Govt Taxes/FET/handling charges/ Mounting/Demounting & transportation charges will be applicable).
  • If the Tire gets rejected by the manufacturer then Maestro Tradex LLC of its authorized dealer will return back the tire to the customer (necessary State/Govt Taxes/FET/handling charges Mounting/Demounting & transportation charges will be applicable).

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