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Tire Maintenance Tips for Semi Truck Trailers

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At, we want all our customers of Semi Trailer Tires in California and other parts of the US to remain on top of Tire Performance and adhere to the Tire maintenance schedule as recommended by the tire manufacturers.

We all know that our tires contribute to our vehicle performance. We can extend the tire life by maintaining it properly and saving a sizeable amount by avoiding downtime and reducing vehicle maintenance costs. Selecting the right tire for your application, checking tire pressure, timely rotation of tires, periodic wheel balancing & alignment are essential points that help extend the tire’s life and substantially bring down the tire and vehicle downtime.

Check out the Semi Trailer Tires Maintenance Tips

1. Perform periodic tire pressure checks and ensure proper Tire inflation in your vehicle. Tires running on under inflation conditions are prone to structural failures, like blowouts and Tread separation. This happens mainly because the continuous running of tires in under inflation conditions generates excessive heat uneven tire wear and substantially decreases the braking and handling capabilities of the vehicle. Maintaining proper inflation pressure will help in maximizing tire life, improve vehicle handling, increase fuel efficiency, and  overall  driver & vehicle safety.

2. Maintaining a proper tire rotation schedule is also very important. Recommended tire rotation patterns is readily available in the owner’s manual of the vehicle. Even and smooth tire wear from front-to-rear and from side-to-side can easily be achieved by routine tire rotation. Please note that the periodic tire rotation will not prevent or circumvent wear issues caused by the worn mechanical components.

3. Tire balancing is crucial for smooth drive and steering control. Out-of-balance tires may produce bumps which may become more noticeable at higher speeds. It is highly recommended to get the tires balanced during the initial installation of new tires and then during every remounting.

4. Avoid replacing a single tire in your semi-trailer truck. Tire replacement should be performed in sets or pairs. Replacing a single tire in your vehicle can cause vehicle instability and create vehicle handling issues.

5. A low humid dark place away from the direct sunlight is best suited to store the safety tire stocks for your semi-truck trailer.Tire storing space should be away from solvents, grease, oil, or any ozone-producing electrical equipment, which have deteriorating effects on tires.

6. Perform periodic Tire inspection and watch out for abnormal tire wear, signs of punctures, embedded objects, cracks, bulges, and sidewall injuries

7. The spare tire for your Semi-trailer- truck should always be kept in proper inflated and ready for use condition. As we never know when you’re going to need it.

Try these tips while servicing and maintaining your tires. It is highly recommended to take ten minutes every week and check your tires.

By following the proper care and maintenance tips for your Semi Trailer Tires, you can drive safely during all your trips, experience the benefits of better fuel efficiency, and extend tire life. Trust this small care will help in building a profitable business.

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