PIRELLI semi truck trailer tires


295/75R22.5 149/146L

PIRELLI semi truck trailer tires


295/75R22.5 149/146L

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– Enhanced steering precision and excellent performance in every weather condition.
– New decoupling groove.
– High mileage performance and even wear.
– Fuel efficiency and durability.

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Pirelli Steer Tires

Maximize Your Fleet's Performance with Pirelli Steer Tires

Pirelli Steer Tires is a premium fuel-efficient long-haul steer and all-position tire. The Tire comes with H -89 Plus pattern name and is loaded with Pirelli patent SATT (advanced spiral technology for trucks). The three sandwiched zero-degree belts ( Pirelli patent ) provide better handling, even wear, more retreads, and extended life to the Tire. Some of the other Pirelli patent technologies that are used in making this Tire are:-BWC ( Bead Wrapped Chafer), RSB ( Rotated Shoulder Rib), DLTC/ HSFC ( Dual layer tread compound and high silica formulation compound), FRC ( Full Rubberized cords), HBW ( Hexagonal Bead Wire) H-89 Plus Pirelli Steer Tires are now available in California. Customers can choose to buy them online as well from Maestrotire.

Key Features Pirelli Steer Tires

Customer Benefits Of H-89 Plus - Pirelli Steer Tire

Some of the important features and customer benefits of the H-89 Plus Pirelli Steer Tires are

  • • SAAT Technology & improved compound formulation - Deliver superior handling & Vehicle control.
  • • New Decoupling groove design - Ensures even Tread wear.
  • • New Tread Design with siped ribs & wider tread profile - Gives even wear & longer tread life.
  • • New Tread & base compound - Helps in getting excellent retreadability.
H-89 Plus Pirelli Steer Tires are currently available in 295/75 R22.5 size with a load index of 149/146 and a load range of "H" The Tire comes with a 16 Pr Ply rating and has a speed rating of "L." The Tire's overall diameter is 40 inches, and its load capacity is 6175 Lbs ( single). 295/75 R22.5 H-89 Plus attracts a federal excise tax (FET) of USD 34.59.


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