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11R24.5 149/146L

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11R24.5 149/146L

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  • – Excellent stone rejection performance with variable angle pattern groove design.
  • – Better tear resistance with stiffener of high rigidity pattern block.
  • – Special lateral block design offer better traction avoid irregular wear.
  • – Improve mileage with wider and deeper transverse groove.
  • – High loadability with optimized bead design.
  • – Good fatigue resistance with full penetration cord.
  • – Higher lifecycle performance with dual tread layer.
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11r24 5 steer tires

Experience Superior Traction and Durability with 11R24.5 Steer Tires

The Aeolus NEO CONSTRUCT G is a top-tier tyre by Maestrotire that was created to fulfil the needs of heavy-duty construction vehicles. This tyre, which has a tyre size of 11R24.5 149/146L, is ideal for a variety of vehicles and offers outstanding performance both on and off the road. The unique lateral block design of the Aeolus NEO CONSTRUCT G is one of its distinguishing qualities. More traction is provided by this cutting-edge design, which also helps to prevent uneven wear and extends tyre life. The tire's handling is improved by the lateral block design, which provides superior stability and control on erratic surfaces. The Aeolus NEO CONSTRUCT G is exceptionally durable and damage-resistant and was designed to last. This 11r24 5 steer tires is made to resist the rigours of demanding construction work because it was developed with premium materials and cutting-edge production techniques. Its tough design makes it more resistant to rips, slashes, and other types of damage, so you can continue working in hazardous conditions.

Maximize Your Truck Performance with 11R24.5 Steer Tires

At Maestrotire, we recognise that ease and comfort play a significant role in selecting the best tire. Because of this, the Aeolus NEO CONSTRUCT G was created with a cutting-edge tread pattern that helps to lessen road noise and vibrations, giving drivers and passengers a smoother, more comfortable ride. Also, the tire's reduced rolling resistance enhances fuel economy, saving. The Aeolus NEO CONSTRUCT G tyre is ideal for heavy-duty construction vehicles because of its performance, toughness, and comfort. This 11r24 5 steer tires is made to deliver dependable and consistent performance in even the most difficult conditions, whether you're driving a bulldozer, dump truck, or any other kind of construction equipment.


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