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385/65R22.5 164K

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385/65R22.5 164K

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– Higher load capacity(EURO6 regulation)
– Shorten braking distance and enhance driving safety with 4 zig-zag shape grooves and longitudinal ribs design.
– Good mileage with wider tread and deeper groove design.
– Reduce noise due to the optimized pattern design.
– Great steering, dry and wet road handling performance with optimise groove and sipe design.
– Excellent stone rejection performance with variable angle pattern groove design.
– Compound with high silica content guarantee great performances in a wide range of temperatures and conditions.

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385/65r22.5 tires

The Ultimate 385/65r22.5 Tires for All-Terrain Adventures

Reputable tyre maker Aeolus has produced high-quality tyres for a range of vehicles, including lorries, buses, and cars. Its most recent product, the Aeolus NEO ALLROADS S+ 385/65R22.5 164K, is a remarkable tyre made to improve driving performance and safety. This tyre stands out on the market thanks to a variety of features. The Aeolus NEO ALLROADS S+ 385/65R22.5 164K tire's zig-zag shape grooves and longitudinal ribs design are two of its most noticeable features. Because of this construction, the tyre maintains a stronger grip on the pavement even in slick or wet weather. The tyre can reduce the braking distance as a result, which is essential for maintaining road safety. This layout also improves the traction of the tyre, making it The Aeolus NEO ALLROADS S+ 385/65R22.5 164K tyre is made to provide maximum comfort and longevity in addition to having exceptional grip and traction. Modern technology are incorporated into the tire's design to make sure it can resist challenging weather and road conditions like heat, cold, and uneven surfaces. As a result, the tyre can outperform the majority of other tyres on the market, making it a wise investment for both commercial trucking firms and private truck owners.

385/65r22.5 tires

The Best Tire Choice for Adventurous Drivers: Aeolus NEO ALLROADS S+

The size of the Aeolus NEO ALLROADS S+ 385/65R22.5 164K tyre is another exceptional quality. For heavy-duty trucks, especially those that routinely transport large loads, the 385/65R22.5 size is appropriate. By using this size, the tyre can support the weight of the truck and avoid tyre blowouts, which can result in accidents. Overall, truck drivers who prioritise safety, performance, and durability should choose the Aeolus NEO ALLROADS S+ 385/65R22.5 164K tyre. It is one of the greatest tyres on the market right now thanks to its creative design, cutting-edge technologies, and excellent manufacturing. The Aeolus NEO ALLROADS S+ 385/65R22.5 164K tyre is ideal for your truck if you want a tyre that can deliver exceptional grip, stability, and longevity. Get hold of this tyre right away to get the best driving experience!


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