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11R22.5 146/143L

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11R22.5 146/143L

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  • – Excellent life-cycle with directional tread pattern, deeper grooves and wider tread design.
  • – Enhanced traction performance on dry and wet road with Special 3D sipes design.
  • – Special belt structure design ensure excellent durability and multi- retreadability performance.
  • – Improved life cycle of the product with special sipe heat emission design.
  • – Enhanced post-use traction performance with special sipe design.
  • – Good fatigue resistance with full penetration cord.
  • – Higher lifecycle performance with dual tread layer.
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22.5 tire

Experience Unbeatable Traction and Durability with Aeolus NEO ALLROADS D+ 22.5 Tires

High-end tyres like the Aeolus NEO ALLROADS D+ are made for commercial vehicles that need to perform well and last a long time. This tire's special 11R22.5 146/143L tyre size makes it ideal for heavy-duty trucks and trailers. For drivers of commercial vehicles searching for tyres that can survive challenging driving conditions, the Aeolus NEO ALLROADS D+ is a top option. The Aeolus NEO ALLROADS D+ tire's unique belt structure design, which guarantees high longevity and multi-retreadability performance, is one of its important characteristics. This indicates that the tyre can be used for an extended period of time and repeatedly renewed without degrading in quality or performance. The tyre is resistant to cuts, punctures, and other damage because of its durable design and cutting-edge technology. Also renowned for its superior handling, stability, and traction is the Aeolus NEO ALLROADS D+ tyre. Because of its great load capacity, it can handle large weights without sacrificing performance. The tyre is perfect for all types of weather because of its wide tread pattern and deep grooves, which offer good traction on both dry and wet surfaces. Moreover, it has siping that has been tuned to increase fuel efficiency, reduce rolling resistance, and improve grip on the road.

22.5 tire

Aeolus NEO ALLROADS D+: The All-Season 22.5 Tires You Can Depend On

The low noise level of the Aeolus NEO ALLROADS D+ tyre is another important advantage. The tire's distinctive design reduces the amount of noise produced while driving, giving the driver and passengers a quiet and comfortable ride. Because of this, long-distance transportation and logistics businesses should choose it. The Aeolus NEO ALLROADS D+ tyre is simple to clean and keep in good condition. It is made to withstand wear and tear, lowering the frequency of replacements. The tire's lifespan and ideal performance can both be increased with regular inspections and maintenance.


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