HUBTRAC semi truck trailer tires


295/75R22.5 144/141M

HUBTRAC semi truck trailer tires


295/75R22.5 144/141M

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  • – Special design for steer and trailer axle of trucks.
  • – Optimized the footprint for long and even wear.
  • – Construction optimized for long life.
  • – Fantastic sidewall design.
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  • Fuel Efficent
  • Low Noise

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Regional Tire

Hubtrac S12 Regional Tire

The Regional Tire S-12 is yet another innovation from Hubtrac's journey to future tire series. It is a product of global integrated R&D in which a national enterprise design center, nationally recognized testing laboratory, and national industrial design centers of Hubtrac collaborated and formulated this regional application masterpiece which is best suited for the Steer wheel application of the semi-truck Trailers.

Hubtrac Regional S-12 scores a five-star rating on service life and bags Four-star rating on Fuel-efficiency, comfort, and security, respectively. It also has a good star rating of three on some of the other very essential parameters like maneuverability & suitability of use in all weather conditions.

The Construction & footprint of the tire is well optimized for delivering long tread life. Hubtrac Regional Tire S-12 also has a special reinforcement sidewall design. Currently, the tire is available in 295/75 R22.5 size.

Features Of Regional Tire

Features Of Hubtrac Regional Tire

Regional tires are specially designed for the commercial category of tires that are best suited for the trucks & Semi-Truck Trailers that frequently operate on Highways, secondary routes, and two-lane roads. Fleets averaging 40,000-80,000 miles in a year should go for these tires.

Tires under this category are designed to withstand special operational challenges like the rigor of start-stop operation, lateral scrub, heal & toe wear, tear & shoulder scrub.

Fleet owners can now buy Hubtrac Regional S-12 tires at factory Price and can save up to 20% on tire purchases & maintenance.

1 review for REGIONAL S12

  1. Peter John

    I find Hubtrac S12 better then my previous brand tire, Big savings. This Hubtrac tire cost me less as compared to my previous purchased tires. As Hubtrac tires die with age, not miles. So I will buy them again from .

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