HUBTRAC semi truck trailer tires


295/75R22.5 146/143M

HUBTRAC semi truck trailer tires


295/75R22.5 146/143M

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  • – Tough tread compounds fight scrub wear, yet are cool for long mileage.
  • – Wide, continuous shoulder ribs fight turning side forces and resist tearing.
  • 5 Rib design provides vehicle stability and comfort.
  • – Fantastic sidewall design.
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High Mileage Trailer Tire

High Mileage Trailer Tire

High Mileage Trailer Tires are best suited for the regional application Semi trucks Trailers. We know regional haul Semi Truck Trailers are exposed to more frequent braking and hence require more durability. Hubtrac Regional T-12 tire is specially designed for the trailers operating on regional routes. The tread pattern and compounds of tires are more robust to handle frequent turns, accelerations, and stops that actually scrub the tread. It is one of the best High Mileage Trailer Tire in the category. Hubtrac Regional T-12 tire is now available in California. Customers can choose to buy them online as well from Maestrotire

High Mileage Trailer Tire

Features Of High Mileage Trailer Tires

Some of the important features and customer benefits of Hubtrac Regional T-12 that make it one of the best High Mileage Trailer Tire in the category are:- •Tough Tread Compound  - Fight scrub wear & is best suitable for long mileage. •Wide continuous shoulder ribs  - Helps in fighting turning side forces & resist tearing. • 5 Rib Design  - Provides vehicle stability & comfort. • Specially reinforced side wall  - Gives protection against impacts & scuffing. ((Hubtrac Regional T-12, High Mileage Trailer Tire is currently available in 295/75 R22.5 size with a load index of 146/143 and a load range of "H" The Tire comes with a 16 Pr Ply rating and has a speed rating of "M." The Tire's overall diameter is 39.9 inches, and its load capacity is 6610 Lbs ( single). 295/75 R22.5 Hubtrac Regional T-12 attracts a federal excise tax (FET) of USD 29.39.))

1 review for REGIONAL T12

  1. Michael

    Thanks to maestrotires for giving me best deal in buying Hubtrac T12 tire as it is high mileage tire already drove it for 20k miles and expecting another 30k miles. Thanks Maestro

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