HUBTRAC semi truck trailer tires


295/75R22.5 144/141M

HUBTRAC semi truck trailer tires


295/75R22.5 144/141M

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  • – Decoupling groove helps resist uneven shoulder wear.
  • Straight five-rib tread design with four grooves provides improved handling.
  • – Variable zigzag groove help to reduce groove crack.
  • – Fantastic sidewall design.
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  • Long Haul
  • Fuel Efficent
  • Low Noise

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Highway Tire

Why Hubtrac Highway Tire S-12

Hubtrac, S-12 is a Long Haul Highway application Steer axle tire specially designed for the Semi-Truck-Trailer customers of America. It is one of the best tires available in the market. Customers looking for enhanced tire life, improved maneuverability, comfort, handling, security, fuel efficiency, and all-weather Steer tire should definitely try it. Hubtrac Highway S-12 is currently available for US customers in both 295/75 R22.5 & 11.R 22.5 Sizes Hubtrac Highway Tire S-12 scores five stars on overall service life on a scale of one to five. Decoupling grooves in the Tire is very helpful in resisting the un-even tread wear and significantly improving the Tire's overall service life. The straight five-rib tread design of the Tire helps in bagging a four-star rating to Highway S-12. The Tire is designed to deliver improved maneuverability and handling because of four grooves. Further variable Zig-Zag design of the grooves helps in reducing the groove's cracks. One of the common reasons that not only leads to the premature failure of Steer axle tires but also makes them unfit for retreading.

Hubtrac Tire

What does Highway Tires mean?

Highway Tires are also often called as ribbed tires. They generally have a solid rib tread design for enhanced stability, even under heavy load conditions. Highway tires are used primarily on paved roads and are designed for smooth, quiet rides with predictable handling. They are also designed to have enhanced wet weather traction. Ribbed tires are great for commercial vehicles that see a lot of highway mileage.


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