HUBTRAC semi truck trailer tires


295/75R22.5 146/143M

HUBTRAC semi truck trailer tires


295/75R22.5 146/143M

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  • – Decoupling groove helps resist uneven shoulder wear.
  • – Stone ejectors in the bottom of the tread groove protect the casing from stones penetrations and help resist stone retention.
  • – The linear 4-groove pattern offers straight drivability in all conditions.
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  • Long Haul
  • Fuel Efficent
  • Low Noise

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low noise tire

Maximize Your Mileage and Durability with Hubtrac Low Noise Tire

Hubtrac Regional T21, a top-of-the-line low noise tire created to deliver great performance on the road, is now available from Maestrotire. The Hubtrac Regional T21 tire is ideal for all of your demands, whether you're traveling on a highway or on country roads.

Groove for Decoupling Even Wear

The Hubtrac Regional T21's decoupling groove, which helps to prevent uneven shoulder wear, is one of its important characteristics. You will get the most mileage out of your investment thanks to this groove's even wear on the tire. This characteristic also contributes to the tire's increased general durability, making it a cost-efficient option for any company.

Stone Ejectors for Resistant and Protection

Moreover, the Hubtrac Regional T21 has stone ejectors that are positioned at the base of the tread groove. By preventing stone penetrations and fighting stone retention, these stone ejectors safeguard the tire's casing.

Straight Drivability with a Linear 4-Groove Pattern

The Hubtrac Regional T21's linear 4-groove layout, which provides straight drivingability in all situations, is another noteworthy aspect. For drivers who frequently stop and turn on rural roads, this feature is very helpful. You can easily maneuver through all road conditions thanks to the outstanding handling and control that the linear 4-groove design offers.

low noise tire

Low Noise Tire for a Comfortable Ride

Last but not least, the Hubtrac Regional T21 is a quiet tire that provides a smooth ride for the driver and passengers. This function is crucial for long drives where the driver must spend a lot of time on the road. Reduced driver tiredness and increased overall road safety are benefits of the low noise level. In conclusion, anyone seeking for a high-performing low noise tire should consider the Hubtrac Regional T21 from Maestrotire. It is the optimum tire for local road driving due to its decoupling groove, stone ejectors, linear 4-groove pattern, and low noise level. The Hubtrac Regional T21 from Maestrotire provides outstanding road performance and longevity.


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