11R22.5 146/143L


11R22.5 146/143L

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  • – Closed shoulder design provides outstanding stability in long haul application, and helps to prevent irregular wear.
  • Computer-designed tire structure offers less rolling resistance with better fuel economy.
  • – The advanced 4-belts casing design under the tread gives a higher level of casing durability and retreadability.
  • – The zig-zag grooves provide excellent traction control on most road surfaces.
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  • Fuel Efficent
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Why Arisun 11r 22.5 Tires

Why Arisun 11r 22.5 Tires

ARISUN, a brand specially designed for the North and South American market, focuses only on Truck bus Radial commercial tires.

All the Semi Truck trailer tires built under the brand are of Ultra-premium quality and made to deliver excellent service. Its advanced R&D technology gives a perfect driving experience to the customers of all business segments.

Most of the ARISUN 11r 22.5 Tires achieved the SMARTWAY verification from EPA. They are energy efficient and are designed to improve fuel economy.

The quality control system of the brand is not only approved by global tire manufacturers but is also well acknowledged by International vehicle manufacturers. Safety, one of the most critical criteria for the customers, is Guaranteed.

Arisun AD-737 is a drive wheel position long Haul application tire designed for Semi-Trailer customers.

What do 11r 22.5 tires mean?

What do 11r 22.5 tires mean?

11r22.5 is the tire nomenclature in which "11" denotes the tire's section width in inches. The alphabet "R" written on tire size indicates that the tire's construction is radial. In radial-ply tire construction, the cord plies are at 90 degrees to the direction of rotation or radially (from the centre of the tire). "22.5" in the nomenclature stands for the Rim diameter and rim type. Rims with . 5 in size indicate tubeless or drop centre rims, while rim sizes that are whole numbers indicate multi-piece tube style rims.

11r22.5 Tires are also called tall twenty-two and a half by most customers.


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