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295/75R22.5 146/143M

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295/75R22.5 146/143M

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  • – Block Pattern and 3D sipe design provide excellent driving performance.
  • – Wider tread pattern design effectively improving product mileage.
  • – SATT construction for better endurance, effectively secure tire life.
  • – Using a low rolling resistance formula in tread to make fuel D3 more fuel efficient.
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Aeolus Drive Tires

Dominate the Road with Aeolus Drive Tires

Aeolus Drive Tires are now available in the Neo Fuel Saving series. Aeolus Neo Fuel D-3 Tire is specially designed for the drive wheel application and is best suited for the following service conditions 1000-3000 miles of one-way travel, Long hauls between countries & states, Very Slow wear rate, Fairly constant Loads. Neo Fuel D-3 Aeolus Drive Tires are now available in California. Customers can choose to buy them online as well from Maestrotire.  

Key Features Of Aeolus Drive Tires

Key Features Of Aeolus Drive Tires

Some of the important features and customer benefits of the Neo Fuel D-3 Aeolus Drive Tires are:- • Block pattern with 3D sipe design - Provide excellent driving comfort. • Wider Tread Pattern Design - Improves product mileage effectively. • SATT Construction - For better endurance & tire life. • Use of Low rolling resistance formula in Tread - Makes D3 more fuel efficient. (Neo Fuel D-3 Aeolus Drive Tires are currently available in 295/75 R22.5 size with a load index of 146/143 and a load range of "H." The tire comes with a 16 Pr Ply rating and has a speed rating of "M." The tire's overall diameter is 40.35 inches, and its load capacity is 6614 Lbs ( single). 295/75 R22.5 Neo Fuel D-3 attracts a federal excise tax (FET) of USD 29.43.)


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