Arisun Truck Tire, is a brand specially designed for the South and North American markets. Brand Arisun is sharply focused on the Truck Bus Radial category of tires only. High product quality and excellent service deliver the perfect driving experience to the customers. Advanced R&D technology ensures the development and delivery of products as per changing customer needs. Most of the ARISUN tires achieved the SMARTWAY verification from EPA and meet semi-truck trailer requirements. They also contribute to the local market by improving fuel economy and increasing energy efficiency. High mileage and Fuel efficiency are synonymous with Arisun Truck Tire. Arisun Truck Tire are technologically advanced tires developed by a professional R&D team that has over 60 years of experience in tire development and tire designing. ARISUN is committed to creating top-quality tires with excellent equipment, extensive testing, and strict quality management to meet diverse consumer demands. Arisun Truck Tire are dedicated to safety, health, and environmental sustainability while ensuring high cost-performance. Most of the ARISUN tires are SmartWay-verified to improve fuel efficiency for your fleet. Arisun Truck Tire for Steer, Drive and all position applications are now available in California both on the online & offline platform of Maestro Tires. For details, log on to

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