Choosing the Best Trailer Tires for Your Semi-Truck

Trailer Tires

When it comes to operating a semi-truck, choosing the right tires is crucial for ensuring the safety, efficiency, and longevity of your vehicle. The tires on your semi-trailer play a critical role in transporting goods across the country, and it is essential to choose the right ones to ensure that you can operate your vehicle with confidence.

Rolling with Confidence: The Top Trailer Tires for Your Semi-Truck

When it comes to trailer tires, there are several options to choose from, and it can be challenging to determine which is the best for your specific needs. In this article, we will explore the best trailer tire options for semi-trucks and help you make an informed decision.



Hubtrac Regional T21 is designed to provide superior performance and durability in various driving conditions. One key feature is the decoupling groove, which helps to resist uneven shoulder wear. This means that the tire is less likely to experience wear and tear on the edges, which can help extend its lifespan. Additionally, the regional t21 is equipped with stone ejectors at the tread groove’s bottom. These protect the casing from stones that could potentially cause damage, while also helping to resist stone retention. This can help prevent flats and other issues that could impact the tire’s performance. 




Hubtrac Regional T-12 tire is specially designed for trailers operating on regional routes. The tread pattern and compounds of tires are more robust to handle frequent turns, accelerations, and stops that actually scrub the tread. It is one of the best High Mileage Trailer tires in the category. 

High Mileage Trailer Tire



NEO ALLROADS T2 offers an array of features to enhance your driving experience. You can expect to achieve good mileage with our wider tread and deeper groove design. The zig-zag shape grooves will provide better handling performance and increased traction on the road. With our irregular pattern block design, you’ll notice less road noise and a more comfortable ride. 

AEOLUS 385/65R22.5 NEO ALLROADS T2 - 20 PR



Aeolus Neo Fuel T3 Tires are specially designed for the Trailer application and are best suited for the following service conditions: 1000-3000 miles of one-way travel. Long hauls between countries & states. Prolonged wear rate. Fairly constant Loads Some of the important features and customer benefits of the Neo Fuel T-3 Aeolus Trailer Tires are:- 

  • Optimal Linear Grooves with waved wall – For improving handling stability. 
  • Stone Ejector Design at groove bottom – Prevents stone retention & damage. 
  • Full-depth Kerfs – Provides exceptional traction throughout tire life. 
  • Optimized Foot shape & Increased Tread area – Improves mileage & prevents separations.

Aeolus Trailer Tires


In conclusion, there are several excellent trailer tire options for semi-trucks, and each of these options offers its own unique benefits and features. When choosing a tire for your semi-trailer, you must consider your specific needs, including the types of loads you will be carrying, the distance you will be traveling, and the operating conditions you will be encountering. By carefully considering these factors and choosing the right tire, you can ensure the safety, efficiency, and longevity of your semi-truck and operate with confidence.

Best place to get Trailer Tires for Your Semi-Truck

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