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Maestro Tire Shop - Commercial Tires

Maestro Tires Services are designed to offer you the most comfortable, affordable, and cost-effective mobility experience. As the premier commercial tire wholesale and retail company, we cater to all your semi-truck-trailer tire needs.


No purchase is too big or too small for us. What matters to us is the quality of our products and your satisfaction. With our skilled, well-trained, experienced team, and CRM-based systems and processes, we make your tire purchase very easy and fast.

Maestro Tires offers a unique online-offline platform to address all your needs when it comes to purchasing new branded truck tires or availing professional tire-related services like wheel mounting, wheel balancing, wheel alignments, and tire inspections.


If you’re in search of a technologically advanced, economical, and durable truck tire company in California, your search ends with Maestro. In addition, we have a robust network of dealers throughout the region, ensuring that we can meet your needs no matter where you are.

6 Reasons Why Choose Maestro Commercial Tires

  • Online versus Offline Shopping


    Customers are free to select the shopping option that best suits their needs.

  • Customer Support


    Maestro Tires provides exceptional customer support through phone, SMS, email, and Tire Bot.

  • Tire Bot


    Our Tire Bot helps you choose, order, and pick up tires at your preferred dealer and time.

  • Best Brands


    We have partnered with the finest truck tire brands globally, allowing our customers to choose products according to their specific applications and budgets.

  • Transparent Pricing


    Our best possible prices are always available online. Customers can choose to book an order and either pay and pick it up, or pay and have the products delivered straight to their doorsteps.

  • Bulk Orders


    Not only do we support bulk orders, but we also offer direct factory prices. Customers can choose this and cut down their purchase price by 10-15%.

Order Commercial Tires in Three Easy Steps

You don’t have to worry much about ordering commercial tires. Just follow these simple steps to order your commercial truck tires.

Step 1

Book your order through the Website or Tire Bot.

Step 2

Choose Delivery & Payment Mode

Step 3

Stay in the loop! Get updates and notifications straight to your inbox and via our Tire Bot

Reducing Operating Costs and Winning More Business

We know you’re constantly striving to be more competitive in the marketplace. One of the best ways to do this is by lowering your operating costs so that you can offer new customers the very best pricing.


However, this is not always easy. Drivers’ pay rates are fixed. Fuel costs are non-negotiable. Moreover, one of your biggest expenses—tires—are often marked up by retailers.


We firmly believe that trucking companies should have the option to reduce their tire costs by paying less for tires without compromising on commercial tire quality. That’s why we launched U.S.-based Maestro Tires, where you can get world-class quality tires directly from the factory, delivered to your door at reasonable prices.

About Maestrotires

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