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295/75 R22.5

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HUBTRAC semi truck trailer tires


295/75R22.5 146/143M

Hubtract Tire

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HUBTRAC semi truck trailer tires


295/75R22.5 146/143L

Hubtract Tire

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295/75R22.5 146/143M

Aeolus Drive Tires

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PIRELLI semi truck trailer tires


295/75R22.5 144/141L

Pirelli Drive Tires

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PIRELLI semi truck trailer tires


295/75R22.5 149/146L

Pirelli Steer Tires

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HUBTRAC semi truck trailer tires

Highway D21

295/75R22.5 146/143L

Long Haul Tire

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Stuck Trying to Figure Out How to Trim Expenses?

It’s frustrating when you don’t have as much control over your operating expenses as you want.

● Drivers’ pay rates are fixed.
● Fuel costs may only vary by a few cents.
● Tires are marked up by retailers.

It feels impossible to win new business when you can’t lower your operating costs and offer competitive pricing to new customers.

But what if there was a way to save 10-20% on your semi truck trailer tires costs?

Interested In Buying Full Container Load

You can get in touch with us to know the details if you would like to order Semi-Truck-Trailer tires in bulk as per your fleet requirement.


Durable Truck Tires Delivered Right to Your Door

delivery of semi truck trailer tires

With U.S.-based Maestro Tires, you can get world-class quality Truck Tires directly from the factory delivered to your door at reasonable prices.


With 30 years of experience and hundreds of customers around the world, we knew there was a better way for fleet owners to get factory direct tire shipments and save big


Choose Semi Truck Tires from Long-Time Manufacturers

Reliable Semi Truck Tires are critical for keeping trucks rolling on the highways and avoiding blowouts that cost a lot of time and money. That’s why we only work with reputable tire manufacturers.

Our tire partners are established in the United States and have a long history of creating some of the best tires on the market.

Here’s What Our Money-Saving Customers Say

For years we were stuck paying high tire prices. There wasn't a way to order directly from the manufacturer so we had no choice but to pay marked-up prices from dealers. We switched to Maestro Tires and now we're saving money. Our tire costs are down 15%. Yet the tire quality is exceptional. I wish we had this years ago.
Steve Shiraji
Maestro Tires offers world class truck tires at factory prices. Best part is that they are based out of California and also have excellent set up of Tire balancing & Truck Alignment services. Both Tire sales & services are available on click of mouse and if you get stuck their support team will help out. I am using Maestro tire in my fleet and is more than happy with their amazing prices and customer service.
Mr. Sunny & Mr. Ray

Trimming Operating Expenses Just Got Easier


1. Shop our Semi Truck Tires

Choose from high-quality Semi Truck Tires at price points to fit your budget. Order a few tires or a container of tires delivered right to your door. We have all sizes for any application and truck size.

2. Cut tire costs by at least 10%

With factory pricing and direct shipping, you save big. There's no middleman, no sales tax for the end user, and no hassle. Order online upto 40 tires , for bulk orders click here.

3. Win more business

Reducing your operating costs means you can afford to offer competitive pricing and attract new customers. Watch your profits soar!

Tires for Trucking Fleets Small and Large

The process is seamless. We work directly with the factories, handle the shipping and U.S. Customs. You simply benefit from a significant savings while also getting access to our U.S.-based customer support team.

Have a large fleet of trucks?

Maximize your savings by ordering a container of 268 tires delivered right to your door.
 Maestro semi truck trailer tires for large fleets

Not sure about switching brand?

If you are not sure then order a set of tires to try before committing to a larger order.
 Maestro semi truck trailer tires multi brand portfolio

Don't have a large

No problem! Order smaller quantities of tires and have them shipped from our warehouse.
 maestro semi truck trailer tires for small fleets

The Maestro Tires Guarantee

MAESTRO semi truck trailer tires warranty

Get Better Truck Tires Prices Today

get maestro semi truck trailer tires at better price

Stop losing out on new customers because you can’t compete on pricing.


Purchase Best Truck Tires through Maestro Tires so you can significantly reduce operating costs on your semi Truck Tires and win more business.